Friday, January 9, 2009

Thursday, Jan. 8, 2009

Breakfast was the "now" usual of Greek Yogurt (Chobani Blueberry) and Blueberry Walnut Granola with English Breakfast Tea.

Mid-morning snack of sharp white cheddar cheese. These are the same as string cheese in terms of calories, but they actually have, gasp, flavor. Unfortunately, they aren't carried at the Kroger close to my house, so I need to buy two or three packages at a time when I get them. I'm now out.

1st and only day this week I didn't go out with my colleagues--pictured above is some celery I ate dipped in hummus, a clementine, and Lean Cuisine Chicken "Fried" Rice. Its probably my favorite LC's. $1.78 baby!

I still felt hungry an hour or so after lunch, so I had a Luna Bar.
Then I was starving before the gym, so I had a Kashi bar--I guess all that rich eating got me used to way more calories as a standard fare. I'm having to "shrink down" I guess. I think eating an apple would have been better, but I forgot it.

Then, after the gym (elliptical 2.2 miles and 330 calories for 33 minutes; plus shoulders, arms, chest, and thighs), I had a Black Bean veggie burger on a piece of gluten free toast and veggie soup with water. Actually didn't care to have the last two cookies! Crazy, thought about it, then thought: I'm not hungry and so I do want them. They didn't haunt me as cookies usually do.

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  1. It appears that you often top your food with cheese. Do you use a special kind of cheese or just regular cheese?

    What other toppings do you add in lieu of cheese to add flavor.