Thursday, January 8, 2009

This Week Thus Far

Above is Sunday's brunch--gluten free toast, fresh black berries, two eggs over easy with a bit of cheese sprinkled on top.

Snack/Lunch, Greek Yogurt on Sunday (big breakfast).

Dinner, salad and red beans over brown rice.

Monday, 1st breakfast back at work--Chobani Greek Yogurt, Bare Naked Granola (Blueberry Walnut) and Black Tea (English Breakfast Tea) with 1/2 & 1/2 with 2 packets of Splenda.

Team building lunch at O'Charlie's--I had the pecan chicken salad with balsamic dressing.

Dinner, 4oz steak (Laura's Lean Beef--no hormones or antibiotics), mashed potatoes, and eggplant--I sauteed the eggplant with a bit of white wine (not a good idea, made them acidic). I had some merlot to go with, though I didn't drink all of it pictured.

Gluten Free Chocolate Cookie, new discovery; very good.

Tuesday, added 1/2 a banana to the yogurt and granola. Breakfast tea.

I forgot to take a picture of my lunch, but after I took a picture of it on the menu--sort of, image above is tilapia, I had wood fire grilled salmon with broccoli and mashed taters. I also had 2 cheese biscuts--despite the gluten (they're so good). Another team building lunch? Yeah, the lunch habit is getting expensive--luckily I'm on flex next week, so it'll be better then to stick to a budget.

Salad Tuesday evening.

Some more red beans and rice

Wednesday yogurt, strawberry instead of blueberry today.

Again, forgot to take a picture of lunch--though it was Culver's, so not healthy at all (fish sandwich and onion rings with diet coke). Above is dinner, which was salad with chicken and light blue cheese dressing. I also had some veggie soup not in the picture. I made a delicious batch of it Sunday, but hadn't tried it until Wednesday--again, giving half away to the parents and freezing 1/4 for later, as with the Chili a couple weeks ago.

Two, gluten free cookies.
Exercise Stats:
Wednesday--Elliptical machine, 33 minutes; 2.21 miles, 360 calories, resistance between 6-8.


  1. I see that you eat a lot of gluten free foods. Is the gluten free food way more expensive then food with gluten?

  2. Gluten free means that its made without wheat, so for example, pasta made with rice flour (which they do in Japan anyway) or bread made with a combo of flours like quinoa, buckwheat, oat, etc.

    Yeah, it does cost more, but the thing is that it turns out celiac disease runs in my family--which is an autoimmune disease brought on by exposure to wheat. I have noticed the past few years that when I eat certain wheat products--those particularly high in gluten which is the protein found in wheat that makes break stick together (think how cornbread crumbles, but wheat bread only crumbles when toasted--as bread, it sticks together)...anyway, that when I eat it, I get cramps at times and become gassy. Once, I had seiten, which is gluten made into fake meat, and I got stabbing pains.

    Real celiac is identified by biopsy, but gluten intolerance is identified by a food journal, noting when you have the symptoms. I have the symptoms.

    Celiac can develop overtime (I feel like I'm still at the intolerance phase and not full blown celiac).

    So, yes it is more expensive, but getting diarrhea from a piece of pizza isn't normal, so its worth it.