Friday, January 9, 2009

Flex Here I Come

We had a bit of a tea tragedy in the parking lot--all over the hood of my car and on the parking space next to mine (blissfully empty), my morning Black Tea went kaboom. Very sad. I had a couple of the pictured blackberries above with my yogurt (honestly to get rid of them).

Seriously, my office is an evil place--we went to Cracker Barrel after four boring hours going over the work plan. I ate 1/2 of the above--well, maybe a bit more of the mashed potatoes and green beans, but 1/2 of the chicken was left and I didn't finish the carrots. I drank water with lemon.

Next week I will be back on flex, meaning 1/2 hour lunches and NOT going out to eat every damn day in a small town in the South (aka, no organic co-ops here). I will say this, it was damn good and more importantly, I'm still going to the gym, which will make it the third time this week. Every second counts...

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