Thursday, January 8, 2009

Home Improvement III

The 1st week of break, I was covered in goo for four days (wall paper is evil) and the second week of break, I was covered in paint--but the results are work it. Here are some before and after pictures of my kitchen.

Dingy wall paper above the cabinets. I was really hard to get it all down!!!

Once the wall paper was removed, I found a mint green with a yellow line all around the kitchen.

Here is a view of the aqua in the kitchen, the crimson flowers on the fresh white on the arch way between the living room and the kitchen, and a bit of the golden yellow in my living room--I think the colors work well together.

Here's a view of the aqua with the shelves I've painted white, and started to stencil with the flowers--they are almost finished.

I'm going to get a tension rod and put two shower curtains between the kitchen and the laundry nook, my mother thinks we should get doors, but I think that that could be really hard to deal with (no one in the family is mechanically oriented). I thought I took a picture of the overall kitchen with the table in view and so forth, but I must not have because its not on the camera, I'll do that tonight.

So: home improvements sucks during the doing, but its worth it in the end (especially if you have wall paper circa 1983 in your kitchen).

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