Saturday, March 19, 2011

Yoga Success At Last!!!

Okay, so I'm totally gonna be a yogi when I grow up. Seriously, I went to that noon yoga class and it was fabulous--exactly what I'm looking for. I used to do yoga at a number of studios a few years ago, but after gaining weight, it got more and more difficult, so I stopped trying. Well, I've been losing weight over the past six months or so (I believe that my last update was down 40lbs, well, now that's 49lbs). So, yesterday, when we began doing Downward Facing Dog (pose above), I was nervous, but then I realized, "this is easier" and so it was. I was able to do all the poses & sequences, gently, yoga is not the place to be competitive and a couple times I did do modified poses (like staying in child's pose while some in the class did twists, but many people elect to stay in a pose that is deeply satisfying, like child's pose, when you are in a class that stresses listening to your body). So, I signed up for the 30 days for $30 of unlimited classes to try a variety of things (there are several classes that start at 7:15 p.m. which works well for me, though I do think that my favorite will probably be this Friday noon class). I'll keep the blog updated on my practice. Meanwhile, know that I'm feeling Friday's class--all sorts of little muscles come alive during yoga. I just took a walk, so that will probably work-out some of the muscle tension, but its a good tension (especially in my arms and shoulders--I feel so much more from that class than I ever do from lifting my 5lbs arm weights.

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