Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Resolutions for March

The weather is absolutely perfect outside for taking walks (which is my favorite form of exercise) and so I'm going to definitely pursue outdoor walking for good weather days in March, but this means that I will be sidelining the gym and the gym is the most convenient place to do toning--but is that really true? Let me be honest for a moment, even when I do go to the gym I spend 30-45 minutes on the elliptical trainer and then maybe 10-15 around the weight machines or the free weights (I particularly HATE the free weights area because I work out at the University gym and there are all these boys grunting and taking up as much space as possible and its surrounded by mirrors and although I do get that the mirrors are supposed to help with form, they just make me self-conscious).

What I'm going to do, is come up with some routines for the month of March to do after evening walks that will help me actually build muscle. I've been losing weight this year (more than 40lbs thus far) and I know that I've lost muscle tone. I don't develop muscle very easily, so losing the little that I have is not good. I am going to focus on my 5lbs weights for my arms and for my legs, I'll work on squats & lunges. For my abs, which I never work out at the gym because I don't like laying on the sweaty community maps after my elliptical session, but even though I vow to do some sort of ab activity at home, I never do...its time for dinner for goodness sake!!! So, for my abs, I'll do a variety of pilates mat moves that I have recently printed out from FitSugar. So, I'm going to mix and match and I'll share the results--can I successful commit to doing toning at home? I think so and I resolve to do so. I'll update y'all in a couple weeks.

By the Way, sorry about the dearth of posts last week, this week and unfortunately, next week. Last week I was in Florida, this week I've been very busy doing worky-work, and next week I'll be in DC. I'll try to get at least a few posts pre-set up over this weekend for next week. We are now up to EIGHT followers! So cool and thanks to all of our regular readers for sticking with us.

So, monthly resolutions: anybody have resolutions for March they'd like to share in the comments?


  1. I have an 8 lb body bar for commerical break exercise. I do resistance bands or 1 lbs wrist weights during walking videos.

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