Saturday, December 4, 2010

E-Waste: Do you know how to recycle your old electronics?

So, do you know how to recycle your old electronics? I don't, but here's a resource guide from the UN and an accompanying article that talks about the impact that electronic waste is having on our shared environment. Apparently developed countries are shipping their e-waste (and the toxis that accompany them) to developing world countries. One local source for help with recycling e-waste is through e-stewards who will help you recycle and properly dispose of e-waste, you can find one near you HERE. Honestly, how often do you throw out your old computers, tv's, etc? Its not that often, so why not recycle? Peace


  1. For the lazy environmentalist, you can exchange most small electornics to Best Buy for $10 cash converted into a $10 Best Buy gift card.

    In 2015, most manufratures will be mandated to take back the electronics they sold.

  2. Thank you for the tip. Count me in as a "lazy environmentalists" now that I know about this program!