Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Bethenny Frankel "Used to Get Drunk and Binge," Then "Starve"

US Weekly Magazine reports:

"I used to get drunk and binge on everything in the deli, and then do a juice fast or starve, then do it all over again," the 40-year-old Bethenny Getting Married? star tells the January issue of Redbook (on newsstands December 21).

But when the natural foods chef learned she was pregnant with daughter Bryn in 2009, Frankel was determined to not overeat "out of emotion."

Well it seems that Bethenny Frankel is getting real about how she stayed thin. I am glad she now has a more balanced way of eating. I hope other can learn to change their ways before they do permanent damage to their bodies.


  1. So, let me get this straight. While she was acting as a "natural foods chef," writing and promoting her books on being "naturally skinny" she was also binging and purging? I didn't buy any of her books, but could one claim false advertising and get their money back after learning that the whole "natural skinny" deal is actually "vomit to get skinny?"

    I'm glad she seems to be getting over her disordered eating/purging and I've heard of other women getting pregnant and then getting more comfortable with their bodies post-pregnancy and being able to seek treatment in a more meaningful way, but I still question her position as a "natural eating" advocate and writer considering that her disordered behavior occured while hocking her books/lifestyle plan.

  2. Just because you don't follow what you preach, it doesn't mean the advice ain't solid. Examples:
    - Doctors who smoke.
    - Police Officers who shoot their wives.