Sunday, June 20, 2010


I just found the COOLEST online dress store. The offer sizes 0-26W and in addition to "standard" sizes, they will custom the dress to your measurements. They ask for your bra size, your height, etc. As a petite person, the possibility of having a hem that says, just below the knee actually be "just below the knee" rather than mid-calf is awesome. You can check out eShakti HERE if you are interested. Just so you know, I am not getting any discounts or deals for raving about their site, its just that awesome. The dresses seem to be about $49-$79, so they aren't cheap, but once again, they are tailored and the selection is amazing. Also, I like the fact that they do not segregate their "regular" sizes and their "plus size." Everything is available 0-26W and you can make sure that the hem and cup size reflects your particular figure as well. Many are work focused, some are day dresses and of course, they have a wide selection of "the little black dress" for evening. I'm really enjoying wearing my dresses from Old Navy to work and I'd like to expand my dress wardrobe because I think that they look professional, but not "power-suit" scratchy.

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