Thursday, April 30, 2009

Does Weight Loss success have to equal a Bikini?

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On The Oprah Show, Oprah asks Kirstie Alley is success has to be a bikini? She says yes.

In my opinion this is crazy especially when you are 58 years old like Kirstie Alley. In my opinion setting success at a bikini ignores the importance of a lot of the healthy lifestyle changes and health benefits. I feel the there needs to be a health/hotness balance.

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  1. I saw a clip from it the other day--if anyone besides Oprah needs some fat-acceptance/HAES, its Kristie Alley.

    Seriously, strive for health, eat well, exercise, but don't beat yourself up if you are still "fat" according to Hollywood standards. I dare say both of them could look better than most at 200lbs, let alone 180lbs, and be healthy. Why not work for that rather than 140lbs and keep yo-yoing between 140lbs and 240lbs? Yo-yoing is way more dangerous and diet/off-diet is a great way to cultivate disordered eating.