Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Denise Richards is a Liar

FitSugar has "diet tips" from the current crop of "Dancing with the Stars" stars, including Denise Richards. The advice covers the gamut from Lil' Kim's admission that even with 5-8 hours of dancing per day, she's eating between 1200-1400 calories to fit into those revealing costumes to Denise Richards who claims that she lost her baby weight "while still eating pizza and ice-cream."

The full article is HERE

I do believe Lil' Kim, I don't believe Denise Richards and I'm tired of "stars" claims that they eat crap and still fit into a size 2, even after two babies. Y'all are lying. When Beyonce admitted that going on the Master Cleanse (fasting essentially on maple syrup, lemon juice, and cayenne pepper) to lose weight for Dream Girls was the hardest thing she'd ever done, I believed her and I knew that fasting for two weeks CAN'T BE HEALTHY and I'm glad that she literally SURIVIVED.

Cheryl Burke was criticized earlier this year for being "fat" on DWTS and she initally responded with strength and defiance, but recently she's lost 10 lbs. She's lost it by eating "egg whites, whole grains, veggies, and lots of water. She also tries to avoid salt, and keeps snacks with her to avoid temptation." Cheryl Burke was fine 10 lbs ago, but there's only so much pressure someone can take and like Jennifer Love Hewitt (who also had a meat-grinder like experience with the body-snarkers last year), losing the weight must have seemed easier than having to defend her already healthy frame. I don't want to body snark here either and say that these women are "too skinny" now or similar, because that doesn't help the conversation. I'm just saying that when you have on one side, women lying about how they attain their figures (see: Denise Richards) and then women who have to defend their much better than the average body, then cave and go super strict, what do you do? I think that being honest is first and foremost the right direction to getting Hollywood back to sane. Thank you to the women who are honest, liars shut the f$3@ up or at least try to be honest, and body snarkers (particuarly those women's magazines that in one column shame healthy women and then on the next page talk about how "How Your Body Insecurities Are Driving Him Away" you really need to change the conversation. I double dog dare Glamour or Marie Claire (two mags that might take me up on this) to publish just ONE ISSUE with no air-brushing--you can still use models and celebrities, just show them to us with no airbrushing for once and I guarentee it will sell faster than any other--we'll start a media campaign to make it happen).

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  1. I totally hate Denise Richards because she is an awful actress.

    But in her defense she didn't describe portions.

    I know some people on the verge of an eating disorder who eat just one teaspoon of ice cream a day.

    She also could be calling home made english muffin pizza made with carrots and tomottos and 1/4 cup of diet cheese a pizza.