Monday, September 15, 2008

I love...

I love food

I love feeling energized by movement

I love to cook and garden and grow herbs in my kitchen window

I love feeling flexible and strong

I love sharing a good meal among friends made from fresh ingredients justly grown and produced

I want to work toward what I love and not what I hate...I hate feeling guilty about eating "bad" foods, I hate feeling badly about being fat, I hate that paranoid sense that people are judging me for what I look like or what I might put in my mouth, and I hate that I see so many people suffer due to unhealthy diets pushed on Americans, and increasingly the world, by a food industry that doesn't seek to nourish, but to make profit by gaming the system (getting ridiculous subsidies for corn, soy, and wheat so that they can feed-lot animals kept in inhumane conditions--animals that are sick and injured, thus pumped with hormones, antibiotics, and Goddess knows what--in order to end up on dollar menus for overworked and underpaid Americans to eat on the go between the first and second jobs).

So, I want to live what I love and critique, and try to answer the why's behind what I hate. Let's see where this takes me...and perhaps, you, dear reader....if there are any.

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